Minutes 14/10/2004 - (last updated 17/10/2005)

PRESENT Cllrs Whittaker (Chairman), Mrs Greed, Martin, The Clerk and one member of the public. Mrs Morrison arrived at 9.10pm
1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllr Mrs Warrener and Mrs Morrison for start of meeting

1.1 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST The Clerk read out a letter from the District Council outlining the latest ruling on declarations by members of the Freemasons

This could not be done because not enough members present were at that meeting. Agreed that it should be done at the next meeting.

3. MATTERS ARISING Including footpaths & highways ...gate for footpath no1. The gate has still not arrived. The Clerk has been told via email that the gate will be delivered by the person who quoted to install the gate. There is some confusion concerning the payment for the gate and this will be resolved once the gate arrives. The Clerk reported on the progress made inspecting and way-marking the Rights of Way Network. Some new way markers have been fixed and overhanging shrubs and trees trimmed. Weather permitting the work should be completed by the end of the year.

4. OPEN FORUM AT START OF COUNCIL MEETINGS agreed that an open forum should now start off each meeting. The period of time allotted initially to be 10 minutes, to increase to 15 should members of the public use the facility.

5.1 Financial Report including Budget Progress. The Clerk produced a print out showing receipts and payments and bank statements to the end of September. The money remaining in Council bank accounts was £1931.19 Budget is running according to plan. The major items still to be paid for are grass cutting and clerk's salary to the end of the year. The Annual Return has now been signed off by the External Auditor and his bill has been presented for payment.
Preview of Budget for 2005-2006 the Clerk reminded members that any projects other than the regular items must be costed by the next (budget) meeting.

Paid between meetings cheques no. 100240 Suffolk Acre £191.12 Parish Insurance, 100241 H Cooper £200.77 Salary for 1 July 04 - 30 Sept 04. 100242. Inland Rev £56.63 Tax
For signing at meeting 100243 H Cooper £24 New Training Manual From SLCC. 100244 Moore Stephens £58.75 External Auditor Fee. R Warrener £120.00 P3 path Grass Cutting
Agreed these payments be approved and cheques signed.

5.3 Review of Clerk's Salary new pay scales have been received. These are as agreed by NALC and SLCC. The new rates for part-time clerks with parishes under 10000 population and on spinal column point 21 are £8.819 per hour from 1 April 2004 and £9.080 per hour from 1 April 2005. Agreed that this item be further discussed in December when this financial year is reviewed and the budget for next year set.
5.4 Confirm Date of Next Meeting Next meeting 2 December. There was some discussion about changing the day of meetings.

5.5 Request for help with Grant to Complete the Trimming of the Trees in Churchyard
(SEE Item 5 in correspondence for action) A letter had been received from the Parochial Church Council asking for help in applying for a grant from HDC and a small grant from the Council, towards the above work. Agreed that this proposal be supported in principle and that the Clerk should make an application for the grant(has to be submitted by end Nov) once she has received full details from the PCC of the costing etc. A grant from this Council to be considered at the budget meeting.

5.6 Setting Up and Maintenance of a Web Site for the Village this was discussed at length. Agreed a questionnaire be sent round the village so that parishioners could say whether they wanted money spending on setting up the site. Questionnaires to be returned before the next meeting.

5.5 Police Report and Neighbourhood Watch news Mrs Gill reported on the recent items concerning Neighbourhood Watch. She also informed the Council of the Annual Conference of the Neighbourhood Watch on 6 November and hoped that as many as possible would attend.
1. New pay scales for local council employees see item 5.3
2. Consultation on the Conduct of Local Council Employees inc. Review of Restrictions on Political Activities Agreed that the Clerk look through the proposals and see if there is anything she feels would affect her as an employee. Comments could then be sent if appropriate.
3. P3 Up Date on gate and Footpath Review and P3 Bulletin including Buckworth Parish Walk
4. Parish Councils and Young People. noted
5. HDC Grant Aid Procedure including funding for small environmental improvements. Letter from PCC see item 5.5 . Jointly Funded Minor Improvement Schemes agreed not to apply this time.
6. Precept for 2005\2006 application to be made by 10 December…. noted
7. Time & Space to Play noted.
8. Licensing Policy Consultation Issued Sept 2004 make parish aware and give documents to Cricket Club
9. Bus Service Tenders not applicable
10.RAF Liaison Meeting 27 October …Cllr Whittaker to attend Clerk to inform base.
11.Annual Return, Completion of Audit, Display of Notice…noted and displayed
12.CALC AGM 6 November, Refresher Courses for Councillors, Bulletin (copy to each Cllr)
13. DEFRA ..Clean Neighbourhoods….noted.

For Information (these were reviewed and will circulated to all Cllrs)
1. Agenda Development Control 18 Oct HDC
2. Suffolk Acre Confirmation of Insurance Cover
3. Cambs Constabulary Website (poster displayed)
4. HDC Access For All Disability Discrimination Act came into force 1 October
5. CPRE two major issues to comment on.
6. Cambs CC Speed Management Review criteria
7. PPI Forums (replacement for Community Health Councils)
8. CPRE magazine.
9. Beds Wildlife Newsletter...downloaded from email.
10. Cambs CC Passenger Transport Team Project
11. " " Local transport Annual Progress Report 2004
12. " Guided Busway
13. " Periodic Boundary Review (see also CALC report)
14. Inside Justice Week 9-16 Oct
15. Cambs CC new parking restrictions in Cambridge
16. SLCC "The Clerk" Aug Issue and Training Information
17. Flood Action Issue 4
18. Councils Direct
19. Local Council Review
20."The Clerk" Oct Issue
21 Inland Revenue Employers Bulletin
22. Post Watch
23. HDC Agenda for Sept Standards Committee Meeting (chance to see what items are discussed although I see that the work of the Committees is to be reviewed).
The Meeting Closed at 9.50pm