News Around - (last updated 01/11/2005)

******BUCKWORTH BUGLE SPRING 2005*******

All Saints Church
Congratulations to Yvonne Waterhouse who was confirmed on Sunday 13 February, Bishop Anthony came from Ely to take the Service. The collection for the Bishop’s Tsunami Lent Appeal raised £108. The Frugal Lunch on 18 February was poorly attended; however, £40 was raised for Christian Aid.
There was a PCC meeting on Weds 16 March when Church finance was discussed and future services. A gift aid scheme is now under way where tax relief can be claimed on donations to the Church. Anyone interested in making a donation under the scheme please contact Alan Hatfield 890676 or Hazel Cooper. It was decided that trimming of the trees in the Churchyard would go ahead.

Easter Day Service, Sunday 27 March at 11am.

Annual General Meeting of the Parochial Church Council on Sunday 2 April after the service at 6pm.

Reminder that the Annual Concert with Amici will be on Saturday July 9, tickets on sale 890982.

Council met on 13 January, the first in 2005. District Council had not made a decision on the application for a grant to trim the trees in the Churchyard. Cllr Martin had attended the Planning Seminar at Hunts District Council and the Clerk had attended various training courses. The plans for the wind farm at Catworth were also discussed.
We were treated to a ‘nature walk’ organised by Cllr Mrs Greed. The walk took in some of the rights of way and with special permission, Buckworth Wood. It was fascinating and it is hoped to hold a further walk in late spring early summer. Council met again on 24 February. The Clerk reported that the survey of the rights of way is almost complete, some cross-field paths have not been marked and the farmers are to be contacted. Concern has been expressed about dogs not on leads on public rights of way and the damage done to wildlife. The Clerk had been on training courses including Freedom of Information and accounts.
Cllr Mrs Greed had been to a seminar about the new rubbish collections. Yes its true!!Buckworth is to have wheelie bins later this year. The gray one is for household rubbish and the green one for garden rubbish. There is also the option of a blue one to increase re-cycling capacity. Each will be emptied every 2 weeks. The re-cycling stays as a Weds collection and the others on Friday. If you experience any difficulty or would like a smaller bin, please contact HDC.
At the meeting there was no news on the grant for pollarding the lime trees in the Churchyard, however, the day after I received a letter from HDC saying that the scheme had not scored highly enough and therefore there would be no grant.
Plans for the proposed extension to Old Corner Cottage were on the agenda. As a majority of Councillors and the Clerk had an interest in the application (notified by HDC as neighbours) observations could not be made to District Council. The Clerk reported that no objections had been received from members of the public.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on 7 April and the Annual Parish Meeting and AGM of the Council will be on 19 May including a presentation by Hinchingbrooke Primary Healthcare Trust.

The Annual Parish May Day Walk will be on Monday 2 May 10am from the Bus Shelter.

Rubbish Collection Easter Holiday. Good Friday collection will be on Saturday 26 March. Friday 1 April collection will be Saturday 2 April.

Ladies Group next meeting first Tuesday in April. For more info contact Yvonne on 890058

The Cricket Club…..continues to open as usual and is planning some special events in the coming months.

Everyone sends their deepest sympathy to Richard Farrar on the death of his mum.