Bugle Spring 05 - (last updated 01/11/2005)

BUCKWORTH BUGLE SPRING 2005 INCLUDING THE ANNUAL REPORT OF THE PARISH COUNCIL WHICH WILL BE PRESENTED TO THE ANNUAL PARISH MEETING THURSDAY 19 MAY 2005 7.30PM IN THE CHURCH Every year a Parish has to hold an Annual Parish Meeting at which electors\members of the public can hear what has been done in the past year. This is an open meeting to which all Buckworth electors are invited to contribute. Questions may be asked about any Parish matter and electors have the right to put forward resolutions and to vote. The meeting is not a Parish Council meeting but is chaired by the Chairman of the Parish Council. The Annual Report of the Council is given along with the financial report. Reports from other organizations in the village may also be presented. Do come along! This is your meeting and gives you a chance to say what you think about the village. ************************************ The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will follow on after the Annual Parish Meeting and includes the election of Chairman and Vice Chairman for the next year. Public and press are cordially invited to attend. Annual Report to Be Presented to the Meeting on 20 May 2005 In May 2004 Brian Whittaker was again elected as Chairman of the Parish Council with Stuart Martin as Vice Chairman. Margaret Warrener, Carol Greed and Fiona Morrison also continued as Councillors. The Council met 7 times during the year; no separate planning meetings were held the 2 planning applications being included in the regular Council meetings. The Council meetings were held in the Club Room during the winter months although, sadly, this did not encourage members of the public to attend the meetings. There is now an ‘open forum’ at the start of meetings where parishioners may comment on agenda items or put forward items for inclusion on future agendas. Achievements during the year included a second very successful Hog Roast to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the completion of the rights of way network. The installation of a gate (funded by the Parish Paths Partnership) on the footpath which comes out directly onto Barham Road (the landowner bought the actual gate). Funding to enable the grass cutting of village verges, with some additional cuts to verges and the cutting of the Churchyard grass being funded by the Council. Council was unsuccessful in its bid to obtain funding to pollard the lime trees that overhang Church Rd. District Council said the scheme did not score highly enough to be considered. The Clerk has attended seminars and meetings throughout the year to keep up with the changes to finance and the ethical framework and Freedom of Information Act. The Clerk has also completed a survey of the rights of way network replacing way-marking signs, reporting on the state of the footpaths and in some cases cutting back brambles and overgrown vegetation. Representations have also been made to District Council to ensure that fly tipping is removed within the parish. Council continues to support the Neighbourhood Watch and to act as a facilitator bringing together the various organizations dealing with law and order in the parish, although little has been seen of the Community Beat Liaison Officer since last years Parish Meeting. . The Clerk obtained a full description of all services available at the doctor’s surgery, which was distributed along with Albram’s, Patients’ Post prior to the AGM in June, although no one from the village attended the meeting. The Budget for 2005\2006 was set in November 2004. With a precept of £2932.50 being requested from District Council. Following a village consultation a web site for the village is in the process of being launched.. Students at the Regional College in Huntingdon are designing the site at minimal cost. Once up and running the site will be regularly up dated by the Clerk. Cllr Martin attended seminars on the new planning regulations and Cllr Mrs Greed attended a presentation on the new wheelie bins which have just been delivered throughout the village. The Anniversary May Day Walk took place on Monday 3 May 2004. Despite appalling weather most intrepid walkers completed the walk including the newly donated permissive path over Warrener’s farmland £95 was raised for the Woodlands Centre at Hinchingbrooke Hospital. The May Day walk on 2 May 2005 will start off from the usual place at 10am and proceeds will go to the Air Ambulance. A plea from local landowners….whilst out and about, please keep dogs on leads. Dogs bounding around in fields and hedgerows disturb wildlife not to mention destroying crops. ALL SAINTS CHURCH...........A full written report will be presented to the meeting on 19 May 2005.. Buckworth is now part of the East Leightonstone Group of Parishes, which includes Alconbury, Barham & Woolley, Easton, Ellington, Grafham & Spaldwick. The Clergy currently consist of the Rev’d Jonathan Young (the Rectory, Ellington PE28 0YY 01480 891695), and Rev’d John Hare. The timetable of services remains the same as before. Fund raising has been very successful and much needed during the past year. It was necessary to fund raise for general funds as well as the restoration fund. A gift aid scheme is now up and running. This enables a tax refund to be claimed for all donations to Buckworth Church to the tune of 28p in the pound. If you donate –say - £20 to the Church (and you are a taxpayer), £5.60 can be claimed from the Inland Revenue. All you need to do is fill in and sign a simple declaration (see the Treasurer) and the money can be claimed. A very successful concert was held in July 2004 and this year’s concert with Amici will be on Saturday 9 July. Tickets are available from Hazel Cooper. NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH….details are circulated regularly around the village. If you would like further information contact Gill on 896434 LADIES GROUP meets on the first Tuesday in the month. Subjects on offer have varied to include crystal healing, Dogs for the Disabled, card making and cake decorating. Please do come along, the meetings are held in the Cricket Club. THE CRICKET CLUB continues to open Weds, Fri, Sat & Sunday. A variety of themed evenings are planned throughout the year or you can go along for a quiet (or not so quiet) drink. Whatever your choice. ELECTIONS don’t forget to vote on 9 May for the County and Parliamentary elections. Local polling station in the Club Room Hazel Cooper Parish Clerk………01480890982 email pc-hcooper@supanet.com For further details of all parish affairs please see the noticeboard in Church Rd. which is regularly up-dated and contains details of all Council members, dates of meetings and minutes of Council meetings plus much more (space permitting); or ring the Clerk The Alconburys & District Show, as reported in past issues of the Bugle, there were several Buckworth entrants for the show. So far no information has been received for this year’s show. B