Minutes of Meeting 07/04/05 - (last updated 27/10/2005)


PRESENT Cllrs Whittaker (Chairman), Martin, Mrs Warrener, Greed, Morrison & The Clerk


1.1 OPEN FORUM This lasted for 10 minutes. Members of the public may ask questions or raise points on items on this agenda or, for inclusion at the next meeting. No public in attendance

1.2 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST none declared. The Clerk had received correspondence from HDC recommending this as an agenda item. This council has included it on the agenda since 2003. However, the Clerk said that she would change it on future agendas to the exact wording recommended. She will also let Cllrs have a copy of the notes that accompanied the above letter, describing personal\prejudicial interests.

2. TO RECEIVE & APPROVE MINUTES OF THE MEETINGS 24 February 2005 Agreed these minutes be approved and signed as a true record.

3. MATTERS ARISING Including footpaths & highways ...progress on inspection and way-marking Rights of Way Network..The Clerk reported that letters had gone out to all farmers\landowners with public rights of way on their land, asking that cross-field paths be marked and other paths cleared in readiness for walking weather including the Parish May Day Walk.. Cambs Rights of Way Questionnaire from last meeting….Cllr Mrs Greed had not yet completed it.

Reminder on Model Code of Conduct Consultation which was issued to each Cllr.

3a CLERK’S REPORT the Clerk had not attended any meetings since Council last met; next one is 22 April.


4.1 Financial Report including Budget Progress, The Clerk presented the end of year accounts, which were reviewed and agreed. The Chairman signed the bank reconciliation. The invoice for use of the Cricket Club has not yet been received. Total funds remaining at 31 March 2005 Current Account £222.19, Business Premium £64.04…Total £286.23 within budget for 2004\2005. Budget 2005\06….news has not yet been received of the P3 grant

4.1a APPOINTMENT OF INTERNAL AUDITOR 2004\2005 the Clerk had approached Mr Alan Hatfield who has audited the accounts in the past. Mr Hatfield agreed to continue as Internal Auditor. Agreed that Alan Hatfield be internal auditor for 2004\2005. Council should be called for External Audit on 1 July 2005.

4.1b MODEL CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT AND JOB DESCRIPTION FOR CLERK & NATIONAL AGREEMENT ON SALARIES AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE OF LOCAL COUNCIL CLERKS (new guidelines for implementation from 1 April 2005) Agreed that these be accepted subject to scrutiny by Cllr Martin.

4.2 PAYMENTS FOR APPROVAL & CHEQUES FOR SIGNING agreed that the Cricket Club invoice be paid at rates agreed previously.

4.3 PLANNING FOR HUNTINGDONSHIRE – GET INVOLVED! STATEMENT OF COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT……CONSULTATION BY HDC ASKING HOW COUNCIL WOULD LIKE TO BE INVOLVED….QUESTIONNAIRE Cllrs discussed this and agreed that the current form of consultation was ideal for this parish. The Clerk to complete the questionnaire along the line of the discussion.

5. Confirm Date of Next Meeting & dates for 2005 19 May (AGM\Annual Parish Meeting), 30 June, 11 August, 22 Sept, 3 Nov (Budget), 15 Dec (precept). Agreed that the meetings for August & September be removed from the schedule as Cllrs were on holiday during this period. Should an urgent item present itself then a meeting to be called during this period the Clerk will make all correspondence available.

5.1 Police Report and Neighbourhood Watch news none other than the Annual Seminar of HCSP see correspondence item 3

5.2 May Day Walk 2 May…Agreed that the Charity this year be the Air Ambulance. Cllrs Martin & Mrs Greed will plan the route. Cllr Mrs Greed to do the publicity.

6. NOTICES & CORRESPONDENCE received to date.....(See attached sheet)


1. Planning for Huntingdonshire – Get Involved! (see agenda item)
2. Model Contract of Employment and conditions of Service etc. for Clerk see agenda item
3. Huntingdonshire Community Safety Partnership – Annual Seminar Clerk to attend
4. Cambridgeshire Local Access Forum meetings noted
5. Royal Air Force Alconbury Liaison Committee Meeting 21 April apologies to be sent from Chairman
6. Inland Revenue Employers Annual Return for Tax Year 2004\2005 the Clerk will again do this on-line as last year.

For Information
1. Cambs Probation Service Annual Report
2. Cambs CC Halls for Hire on Infocam, Societies & Websites (Buckworth web site due in June)
3. HDC small scale scheme Trimming of Trees did not win funding
4. HDC Burial Ground Survey 2005 will monitor. Church of England will do its own grounds (information from Parochial Church Council). Churchyard is only burial ground in Buckworth.
5. Cambs CC Changes to Bus Stop Names, Buckworth stop does not have a name (according to website)
6. CALC Bulletin inc. dates for Audit, etc. (copy already distributed to members)
7. Local Council Review
8. Standards Board newsletter
9. The Clerk SLCC Journal (inc. photos of the Clerk showing that she really attends all those seminars)
10. Defra dti Partnership in rolling out broadband to rural areas inc. CD-ROM
11. Clerks & councils Direct Journal
12. Fieldwork CPRE Journal
13. Countryside Voice magazine inc. members survey
14. Cambs CC The Fostering Service Needs More Carers (Notice Displayed)
15. HDC Standards Committee Agenda for 10 March
16. HDC Notice of Election Cambs CC 5 May (notice displayed)
17. Huntingdonshire Arts Diary March April
The Meeting Closed at 9.15pm