Annual Report of Parish Council 2006 - (last updated 12/05/2006)


Council Members
Brian Whittaker (Chairman)
Stuart Martin (Vice Chairman)
Carole Greed, Fiona Morrison,
Margaret Warrener.
Tree Warden Tony

The Council met 7 times in 2005-2006. Winter meetings are now held in the Cricket Club and a ten minute session for members of the public to speak is set aside at each meeting. So far only 2 people have attended.
The Annual Parish Meeting in May 2005 was again poorly attended by parishioners.
Council again organized the May Day Walk in 2005 when funds were raised for the Air Ambulance.(Council also donated)
Council was unable to obtain funding to help with pollarding the trees in the Churchyard. However, it did once again obtain some funding towards grass cutting the verges in the village. As already reported this funding has been reduced for the financial year 2006-2007. Monies to help maintain some of the footpaths were also reduced.
The Internal and External Auditors were concerned by the low level of reserves within Councilsí accounts for the year ending 31 March 2005. The previous audit regime had advocated that monies be kept to a minimum. In order to increase the reserves, money received from the Inland Revenue for the Clerk filing tax returns on-line is to be added to the reserves. Council has managed to keep the precept at the same level for the coming financial year.
Councillors have attended seminars. Cllr Martin has especially attended meetings concerning planning.
The Clerk continues to attend regular meetings of the Society of Local Council Clerks in order to maintain up-to-date information on all aspects of local government as it affects parish councils.
Alan Hatfield continues to internally audit the accounts before they are submitted for External Audit by Moore Stephens.
In November the village web site was launched. Thanks to Neil Hateley and Huntingdon Regional College for their expertise.
The Clerk continues to up date the site regularly although there has been very little response or comment from members of the public.
This web site has been set up at no cost to the Council.

Annual Report of the Parochial Church Council. The worship in Church has continued its usual course of 3 services per month with occasional and special services enhancing the monthly pattern.
In 2005 there were 2 marriages, 2 baptisms and 3 funeral\memorial services. It is pleasing that the community feels welcome and able to use the Church for these significant personal occasions.
The Church continues to be cleaned, polished and provided with floral decorations to its usual high standard.
Thanks are due to all those who help in every capacity. Fund raising has again provided both villagers and visitors with a varied selection of entertainment.
The Annual Music Festival in July continues to provide excellent music and wonderful food each year. The Annual Garden Party continues to be enjoyed as does the Harvest Supper which has now been held 3 times. The money from these events has brought the Church back from the edge of bankruptcy and enabled the lime trees to be pollarded and some more windows to be repaired. The start of the Gift Aid Scheme has also helped increase funds. Everyone is encouraged to sign up to the scheme.

BUCKWORTH, BARHAM & WOOLLEY LADIES GROUP has continued to hold meetings regularly in the Cricket Club. Topics have been varied and new members are always welcome.
CRICKET CLUB continues to open regularly. As reported, Council and Ladies Group meet there regularly and special events are arranged by the Club Committee.
The Parish Meeting may by law discuss all parish affairs and pass resolutions about them
Come along and have your say about village matters.