Annual Report of Parish Council 2007 - (last updated 20/04/2007)

Council Members 2006-2007
Brian Whittaker, Margaret Warrener, Stuart Martin (Chairman) Carole Greed, (Vice Chairman) Fiona Morrison, Tree Warden Tony Cllr Whittaker was thanked for his years as Chairman.

The Council met 7 times between 1April 2006 and 31 March 2007. Winter meetings continue to be held in the Cricket Club attendance by members of the public is rare although the 10 minute spot for public involvement is still an agenda item..
The Annual Parish Meeting in May 2006 was again poorly attended by parishioners.
Council again organized the May Day Walk in 2006; funds raised went to MAGPAS... (Council donated £31 to make the sum up to £50) again the turn out of walkers was poor
Once again Council obtained some funding towards grass cutting the verges in the village. As reported last year this funding had been reduced and there is no increase for the coming financial year. Monies to help cut some of the footpaths were less than asked for although money to refurbish way marking signs was given and this work was done in early 2007.
The Auditors had been concerned by the low level of reserves within Councils’ accounts for the last few years; this is gradually being reversed.. Money received from the Inland Revenue for the Clerk filing tax returns on-line has been earmarked for the last two years and again in the coming year. After several years of little increase in the precept, Council was forced to increase it for the coming year 2007-2008. The current council reaches the end of its term of office in May and, in order to budget for a possible election, had to include £700 for possible costs as recommended by District Council. The agreed precept for 2007-2008 will be £3940
Two items have caused much discussion during the latter part of the year. One was the proposed merger with Leighton Bromswold and Barham & Woolley. This would see Buckworth Parish disappear. Council strongly opposed the merger as did the other two parishes involved. A decision from HDC is awaited.

The other item was the disappearance of the Re-Cycling Centre from the Cricket Club. The Lorries emptying the bins had degraded the surface of the drive so much that it was dangerous for them to continue. The installation of a new driveway should see the welcome return of the centre.

Councillors have attended seminars. Cllr Martin has especially attended meetings concerning planning.
The Clerk continues to attend regular meetings of the Society of Local Council Clerks in order to maintain up-to-date information on all aspects of local government as it affects parish councils. .She has also attended meetings at the Cambs Association of Local Councils and with District Council.
Alan Hatfield rigorously carries out the internal audit of the accounts before they are submitted for External Audit by Moore Stephens.
The Clerk continues to up date the village web site regularly although there has been very little response; to date there have been no items forthcoming from elsewhere. The web site has cost £10 for the next 2 years.. She also produces Buckworth Bugle and submits a report of council affairs in the Parish Magazine.
As mentioned earlier, the term of office of this council finishes in May. Only 4 people have been nominated therefore there will not be an election. The new council will be able to co-opt a further councillor to make up the number. If you are interested in becoming a councillor please contact the Clerk to the Council. The first meeting of the new council will be on 24 May when the annual meeting of the parish council take place and a new chairman elected for the year.

It is with regret that I report the retirement of Brian Whittaker from the parish council. Brian has been a councillor since the 1960s having also served on Huntingdonshire Rural council. Due to other commitments he has found it increasingly difficult to attend meetings. He will be missed, having seen Buckworth through many changes. On your behalf I offer him a vote of thanks for his years of service.

Annual Report of the Parochial Church Council. Worship in Church has continued its usual pattern of 3 services per month with other occasional and special services. The carol service in December is particularly well attended and much enjoyed. Early 2007 saw the joyful baptism of Jacob Jay Justice and the sad but joyful celebration of the life of Mrs Llewellin (Llew) long time past resident of Buckworth who died in February.
. The Church continues to be cleaned, polished and provided with floral decorations to high standard, for both regular and special occasions. Thanks are due to all those who help in every capacity.
Church continues to be a venue for other activities. In July the wonderful annual concert was again provided by Amici – the theme Music from the Movies. There was the usual delicious interval supper and fascinating staging provided by Alan Hatfield.
In August the Annual Garden Party was fun; followed in September by a wonderful Harvest Supper. So many people work so hard to produce these events and the support given both from the village and friends outside is phenomenal. Once again a big thank you to everyone.
The PCC makes every effort to carry out a role in respect of spiritual, legal financial, pastoral & missionary functions. During the last 12 months the PCC has discussed a range of matters related its role including: children’s communion, changes in the parish share and the schedule of services. Of particular importance this year was the Quinquennial Inspection of the church and the subsequent report which contained extensive recommendations. A PCC working group has been set up to discuss priorities for action. The PCC is most grateful to the Parish Council for including the cutting of the churchyard grass in with the cutting of the village verges.
Strong links with members of Alconbury Church have been maintained by joint services, the Christmas Choir group and special events.
As ever fund raising is essential if Buckworth is to keep All Saints up and running, both for religious and community use. Please consider signing up to the Gift Aid Scheme….it will make your contributions worth 28p in pound more!!

BUCKWORTH, BARHAM & WOOLLEY LADIES GROUP has continued to hold meetings regularly in the Cricket Club. Topics have been varied, sometimes surprising, never dull. The Christmas meal was great, very sociable. New members are always welcome. Meetings most first Tuesdays in the month.

BUCKWORTH CRICKET CLUB continues to open regularly. As reported, Council and Ladies Group meet there regularly and special events are arranged by the Club Committee. The club room is also available for hire when not in use.

Police & Neighbourhood Watch continues to send reports around of crimes and suspicious events. PSCO Anna Holder now patrols through the village most days. She had hoped to attend the Annual Parish Meeting but unfortunately cannot. She hopes to attend a future council meeting and wishes to encourage everyone to use the new ecops service at or you can contact the police on 0845 456 456 4 A leaflet about ecops has been delivered to every house in the village

THURSDAY 26 April 2007 at 7.30pm
The Parish Meeting may by law discuss all parish affairs and pass resolutions about them
Come along and have your say about village matters.

Events in 2007
23 April St Georges Day Party
(Buckworth Cricket Club) ****
26 April Annual Parish Meeting 7.30pm
Followed by a Parish Council meeting.
(All Saints Church)*****

First Tuesday in the month Ladies Group
7.30pm (Buckworth Cricket Club)***

7 May Buckworth Mayday Walk 10am from the bus shelter.****

24 May Annual Meeting of The Parish Council (All Saints Church) ****

7 July Amici in Concert…”Play It Again” music and song you have loved and requested again….with some new additions. Tickets £15 (includes the famous Buckworth supper and sunset!) (All Saints Church) ****

26 August (Bank Holiday Sunday) Annual Garden Party 2pm Peacehaven/Rowans.** For further details of any event ring 890982 or email See also village notice board and web site