Annual Council Meeting - (last updated 30/05/2013)

Draft MINUTES OF MEETING OF The ANNUAL MEETING OF BUCKWORTH PARISH COUNCIL HELD On Monday 13 May 2013, 8pm in Buckworth Church following the Annual Parish Meeting



1.1 OPEN FORUM This will last for 10 minutes. Members of the public may ask question or raise points on items on this agenda or, for inclusion at the next meeting. Council Members may speak concerning items for which they are declaring a prejudicial interest. Once the meeting starts, members of the public are reminded that they may not speak. – There were no members of the public present.

1.2 COUNCILLOR’S INTERESTS To receive from Councillors declarations as to personal and\or prejudicial interests and the nature of those interests in relation to any Agenda items. See also flow chart from HDC, a copy of which has been given to each councillor for reference purposes. – None declared

2. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN – Cllr Cooper was proposed as Chairman by Cllr Morrison and seconded by Cllr Waterhouse and it was unanimously agreed that he be elected. Cllr Cooper accepted the position and duly signed Acceptance of Office. Cllr Warrener proposed and Cllr Davison seconded that Cllr Waterhouse be elected as Vice Chairman and it was unanimously agreed. Cllr Waterhouse agreed to be Vice-Chairman. Cllr Davison agreed to continue as Responsible Financial Officer and Cllr Morrison agreed to continue acting as Clerk. It was agreed that the recruitment of a permanent Clerk be added as an agenda item for the next meeting.

3. ADOPTION OF STANDING ORDERS .It was unanimously agreed that these be adopted.

3.1 ADOPTION OF FINANCIAL REGULATIONS. It was agreed to be adopted with amendment after comment by the Internal Auditor.

3.2 REVIEW OF POLICIES The New Code of Conduct for Councillors as adopted in October 2012 was readopted.

4. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING held on 15 April 2013 were approved and signed as a true record.

a. Blocked ditch – Cambs Highways has now been informed of the surface water of the road. It was agreed that it was now in their hands as to any action and that the Council had explored all the avenues regarding this situation b. Telephone and letterbox painting. The painter is still primed to come and do this work.

a. May Day Walk – this took place on a lovely sunny day and a total of £76 is to be donated to the ‘Hospital at Home’ charity.

5. Clerk’s Report – As acting Clerk, Cllr Morrison said she had continued over past year and was happy to continue in the role.

6.1. Report from internal auditor. The comments from the internal auditor have been considered and noted. It was agreed that cheques for payment be initialled on the agenda by the chairman when approved at the meeting. 6.2 2013/14 Annual Audit and Governance statement – this was reviewed, approved and duly signed.
6.3 RFO’s report. Cllr Davison circulated the final accounts for year. The grass cutting letter from Cambs CC had arrived late but an invoice had now been raised for the grant for grass cutting for sum of £228.43 6.4 100430 to CPALc for membership renewal £65.16
6.5 Confirm dates of next meetings - 22 July 2013

For information* by email
1. Cambs Acre news digest
2. Nicola Webster Town and Parish Alert
3. C&P CCG engagement – End of Life care programme
4. Huntingdonshire Greenheart Awards
5. CST rights of way grass cutting
6. Local Infrastructure needs _HDC

The meeting closed at 9.40 p.m.