Meeting 2 September 2013 - (last updated 20/09/2013)

Draft MINUTES OF MEETING OF BUCKWORTH PARISH COUNCIL Held Monday 2nd September 2013 in Buckworth Cricket Club


1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from Councillors Morrison and Davison

OPEN FORUM This will last for 10 minutes. Members of the public may ask question or raise points on items on this agenda or, for inclusion at the next meeting. Council Members may speak concerning items for which they are declaring a prejudicial interest. Once the meeting starts, members of the public are reminded that they may not speak.
A member of the public Mr Don Simmons being unable to attend the meeting gave a letter to the clerk concerning the proposed expansion of the wind farm at Hamerton. The letter was too late for agenda inclusion so was read to the council during open forum. In particular a public meeting at Hamerton on September 11th was highlighted together with a request for the issue of windfarms to be included on the next meeting agenda. In addition to this letter public notices of the meeting have been circulated and members of the council will be attending and reporting to the next meeting

1.2 COUNCILLORS INTERESTS. To receive from Councillors declarations as to personal and/or prejudicial interests and the nature of those interests in relation to any Agenda items. See also flow chart from HDC, a copy of which has been given to each Councillor for reference. None declared

2. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING held 22nd July 2012 were approved and signed as a true record.

a. Telephone Kiosk. Painting job now completed and looks very smart. Clerk requested to ask painter for any remaining paint for future maintenance when invoice is received

b. Appointment of Clerk – in the absence of the current acting clerk it was decided to delay this discussion until the next meeting

a Grant to Sowers and Growers Group in support of Buckworth Open Gardens 2014 event.
In response to a letter from Mrs H Cooper requesting support for this venture in the form of a grant and if appropriate public liability insurance the council agreed in principle to the request with an initial suggestion of about £200 spent with a view to long term benefits. A request will be made for Mrs Cooper to attend the next meeting and outline the plan for the event and the assistance she feels would be required from the parish council. It was considered that the council should assist with risk assessment for the event in support of insurance

5. CLERK’S REPORT No report -clerk not present.

6. FINANCE AND GENERAL PURPOSES including financial report.

a In the CFO,s absence copies of the up to date accounts and bank statements were presented and signed off
No cheques were presented

The annual accounts have been approved and returned from external audit with minimum remark or suggestion for improvement. Due to recent charges in pricing for small councils and the correct presentation of required paperwork the audit process incurred no charge. It was agreed that Councillor Davison should be congratulated and thanked for his efforts

6b Confirm dates for next meeting – 14th October

6c Cllrs reports and queries Councillor Waterhouse reported complaints from parishioners at the speed a particular grey car drives through the village and on the adjoining single track roads. The chairman confirmed that a couple of years ago the village was surveyed by district council as to best ways of “”controlling”” traffic speed.. Mother and child signs have therefore been installed at the entrances to the village but nothing else seemed viable considering the road structure of the village. Collection of the number plate of the offending vehicle would enable the police to be contacted re the problem


Three major correspondence items were discussed

1 Nalc has sent information of a new guide for councillors and indeed councils that can be downloaded free from their website. It was agreed that a copy should be downloaded and circulated around the Council members

2 Huntingdon Parish Charter. The council expressed a need to find out if this will become mandatory for all parish councils. The clerk to find out the full implications for our council

3 Cllr Bywater our new UKIP has expressed interest in attending parish council meetings in his ward with particular reference to pot holes and road defects. It was agreed that we invite him later in the year with particular reference to bus services and road gritting as well as defects

The meeting closed at 9.15pm

Taken by Chairman in lieu of absent acting Clerk to the Council