Draft Minutes October 2013 - (last updated 30/10/2013)

Draft MINUTES OF MEETING OF BUCKWORTH PARISH COUNCIL HELD On Monday 14 October in Buckworth Cricket club



1.1 OPEN FORUM This will last for 10 minutes. Members of the public may ask question or raise points on items on this agenda or, for inclusion at the next meeting. Council Members may speak concerning items for which they are declaring a prejudicial interest. Once the meeting starts, members of the public are reminded that they may not speak. – Mr Don Simmonds brought several items to the attention of the council –

a. The flower boxes by the bench have been replanted – he suggested the council write thanking Mr and Mrs Lovatt for their efforts.

b. Wind Farm at Woolley – RES who are installing the farm have a Community Fund of £20k available for providing funding to affected parishes of which Buckworth is one. He suggested Buckworth Parish Council seek representation on the committee charged with awarding these funds.

c. He brought to the Council’s attention that no discounts on electricity bills will be available to parishioners as a result of the proposed local windfarms.

d. Mr Simmonds felt strongly that windfarms are arriving ‘by stealth’ and requested the council consider writing to HDC to this effect. The Council agreed to consider Mr Simmond’s suggestions

1.2 COUNCILLOR’S INTERESTS To receive from Councillors declarations as to personal and\or prejudicial interests and the nature of those interests in relation to any Agenda items. See also flow chart from HDC, a copy of which has been given to each councillor for reference purposes. None declared

2. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING held on 2 September 2013 were approved and signed as a true record.

a. Appointment of clerk – it was agreed to advertise the post through CAPALC using their pro forma.
b. Sowers and Growers – Open Gardens – application for financial support. The meeting welcomed Mrs Cooper who outlined the club’s plans for the event to be held on 8 June 2014. 14 gardens have shown interest so far. Mrs Cooper requested the council consider funding the purchase and planting of a planter on the grass at the phone box, pot holders on the village sign and a percentage of the cost of advertising. The council noted that £333 is allocated in the precept for village events and it was agreed that this be allocated to this event.

c. NALC guide for councillors to be read by all before the next meeting.

d. Speeding cars through village – this has been dealt with. The issue of dangers at Warrener’s barn corner were brought to the attention of the meeting by Councillor Davison. It was agreed that Highways be contacted and the issue brought to their attention.


a. Windfarms and Chairman’s report on Hamerton Village meeting. The Chairman reported on his attendance at meeting in Hamerton regarding application for further 2 turbines at |Hamerton. The proposal is in accordance with all regulations and is therefore in accordance with current government and council policies. Hamerton village voted 50 to five against the proposal.

b. Overhanging trees on Hamerton Road – it was agreed that the acting clerk write to UK power networks about this issue.

c. Cambs ACRE renewal – it was agreed that Cllr Davison check if we need to be member as we are already member of Suffolk ACRE for insurance purposes..

5. Clerk’s Report – The Acting Clerk had been in touch with CAPALC regarding the proposed Huntingdon Parish Charter. This is in process of going to HDC for approval after which councils will be asked to sign up. It will be in the Parish council’s interest to sign up as it creates an important dialogue between Parish council and District council.

6a Financial Report . – The RFO circulated statement of current financial status and projected precept for 2013/14. It was agreed that precept be finalised at next meeting.

Cheques signed between meetings
1. Suffolk Acre Insurance – 100431 - £209.52 – for insurance
2. JJ Cowles – 100432- £150 – for painting of telephone box

6b Confirm dates of next meetings - 2 December and 13 January 2014, both in the Cricket Club

6c Councillors reports and queries – it was agreed to ask Cllr Bywater to attend a meeting .

For information
1. CAPALC – Training courses October
2. CAPALC – Parish Council bulletin
3. CAPALC – Clerk Pay Scales 2012/14
4. CAPALC – Local councils explained
5. Nicola Walker – Town and Parish Alert
6. Cllr Bywater – A14 to Huntingdon improvements
7. Cllr Bywater – A 14 ditch clearance
8. Cllr Bywater – A14 Spaldwich bridge repair
9. Louise Meats – Budget Consultation promotion HDC
10. Lisa Wood – Neighbourhood planning conference
11. Lisa Newman – Family History Fair
12. Victim Support – donation request
13. Connecting Cambridgeshire – letter
14. Cambs ACRE renewal
15. Cambs Police and Crime Commissioner - Neighbourhood Alert Scheme – it was agreed to sign up for this and inform Gill Robb of this scheme.

The meeting closed at 10.05 p.m.