Mobile library service - (last updated 04/04/2014)

Buckworth is serviced by the Cambridgeshire Library Service mobile library on their H4 service route.

Following spending cuts the mobile will now call only once per month on the first Thursday in the month and will arrive at 2.40pm and leave at 2.55pm

Books can now be re-newed on-line....dd number and pin number required. Simply ask at the library van....or you can renew by phone see link below

The library van also provides books for the book club( Buckworth Browsers meets once a month in the Cricket Club 890982 for more details).
More support is needed the next cut in services will be no mobile library at all, we were lucky to keep it this time!!!

The Cricket Club also has library of books to borrow

click here to view the current H4 timetable

Please use this service when you can or the village will lose it and you never know when you may need it!!!